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Meli’s | Chicago, IL

Another gem you’ll find lining Wells street.


Again its a great place to stop for brunch, killer portions, a fantastic menu, that made us scurry back for a second sampling of the menu and it was such a good decision.
I really don’t think you can go wrong with anything off their menu and we certainly couldn’t on our visits.

The great thing with breakfast in America is you buy a cup of coffee and they just keep coming round refilling it. It’s as though their under some sort of refilling charm, the sort of wizardry only Harry Potter himself could pull off.

Their pancakes deliciously fluffy, huge and come with their own jug if maple syrup.
My love affair with chicken and waffles continued and an egg was a welcome addition to this delicious lil combo.

Patrick had a breakfast bowl on our first visit and it was absolutely phenomenal. It’s basically like a breakfast salad, souped up with baby red potatoes, eggs and a range of other toppings!

The eggs benedict with pulled pork is a great option. Eggs cooked over easy and pour perfectly over the pork and muffins below, as well as a bed of red potatoes that they seem to be obsessed with in here. I was slightly dubious of the potatoes, but ohhhhh mumma they are glorious and great with anything with an egg to soak up all that over easy yolky goodness.

The beef hash was nice, but not quite as good as the eggs benny. Perhaps it was just because of the comparison, but it didn’t have as much flavour as the pork and needed a little more meat in the dish, but still a good plate of food. Huge portion and well seasoned.

So when something being good but not as phenomenally amazing as the rest is your biggest complaint you know it’s a great place to stop by…

Oh and if you’re after something a little healthier you can always go for pancakes or waffles and fruit or fruit on their own… But the breakfast bowls are packed full of veg… So that’s healthy right…?


3 thoughts on “Meli’s | Chicago, IL

  1. Wow eggs Benedict with pulled pork sounds so deliciously decadent – never come across that before but would love to try it one day!

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