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Best views of Chicago

I know, I know. Chicago was a little while ago now. But it’s a new year, I’m getting the writing bug again, I’m getting itchy feet to travel, so why not put live vicariously through past me?!

Chicago is a stunning city. It has a huge variety of architecture (the streets of Old Town – swoon), it’s right on the water and like many American cities, it’s got lots of heights for you to peer down in splendour. But that’s not all this post will be.

One of the nights in Chicago was spent in athletic association, sat right above millennium park. The downstairs is ornate, dark wood walls and a library like sitting room, but walk past this upto the game room, a great night lots of games to play for free (be warned the queueing game is serious here, stand your ground). I found my calling in life and it goes by the name of bocce ball, but let’s get back to that view! Grab a frozen from the bar, head on up to Cindy’s rooftop. If you’re lucky and it’s a Wednesday or Saturday night between memorial day and labour day weekends, you’ll be treated to a spectacular firework display over the water!

The John Hancock building. This sounds weird, but stay with me, the view from the loo’s is really pretty epic, skimming the high-risers and across the water. The other views are good too, great for watching people the size of ants scuttle about the magnificent mile and pick out your fave rooftop pool.

The restaurant probably has to better view in my opinion, however I’m obsessed with a water view, but the bar is a lot more affordable and you get to pick out all the places you’ve visited in the city.

Okay, so I said it wasn’t all about the heights and it isn’t. Lincoln Park gives a beautiful perspective to the city from the ground. I love viewing a city from the park, something about concrete and an open plane tickles me. The plant house in the park is definitely worth a visit too.

‘The world’s largest people magnet’ in the words of my best friends father, known to the rest of the world as the bean. I mean have you even been to Chicago if you haven’t seen the bean?! But it’s such a fun and interactive sculpture, to walk under around get different reflections of the city in its fairground mirror like warp. Definitely some great pictures to be had!

I said about the architecture, now even if you are not interested in who built what and why, but you should be, some buildings have some fun stories to tell, the architecture tour is a fantastic way to see the city. Rolling along on the river and even going out by navy pier (another great spot to wander down and admire Chicago centre from). I mean look:

Last but not least, if you’re heading out of town, or on your way back to the airport, look back as the skyline waves her goodbyes. She’s a real beaut.

We only had a short and sweet visit, so I’m sure there are plenty more and I’d love to know anyone else’s favourite views! If you’re off to Chicago soon, definitely check out this & this brunch spot (plus, I’m planning a few more foodie Chicago posts)


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