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Keeping active on holiday

As you well know, I love travelling! But often travel is associated with over indulgence, the classic ‘I’ll do exercise/start the diet when I’m back from holiday’ seems to come up far too frequently.

So when To Tuscany got in touch about writing a post about incorporating exercise into travel, I thought it would be a fun topic to start the conversation.
Now this isn’t an article intending for you to go off running everyday of your holiday, those who do I salute you, but more looking at exercise a little differently!

When you’re on holiday you want to explore your surroundings, find out what makes your destination special and finding the hidden corners that only locals know right? Well what better way than on foot?! Exercise seems to have a lot of negative connotations to t now, it’s uncool at school to want to take part in conventional exercise. But the best way if doing exercise, is forgetting its exercise, take in the scenery, climb a mountain and drink up that vista, explore, dream, discover.

Peveril castle

If you don’t want to explore with a map in your hand and getting a little lost (let’s face it that’s one of the best ways to stumble upon a hidden travel treasure), then get yourself on a walking tour, most cities will have a free walking tour, where tips are encouraged to keep it going, but won’t break the bank.

If relaxing is more your style when on holiday, then a bit of yoga is a way to bring a bit of movement into your day. Both relaxing you and improving your flexibility. In Thailand our hotel included exercise classes, one of which was morning overlooking the sea, which as you can imagine was a beautiful way to start the day. Doing yoga with a tranquil view, absorbing every single drop of the scenery with all your senses, if that isn’t making the most of your holiday, taking some well deserved me time and disconnecting from the daily stresses, I do not know what is!

Of course not everyone will be in one of those to categories, they may not fit into this one either. But there certainly are so many more adventure sports available now! I am such a water baby, so being by a lake or the sea, is an absolute dream. Surfing is one of the most exhilarating sports I’ve ever done, that’s not to say I’m any good, I can’t eventfully stand up, but it is so much fun! But exploring all the different sports available wherever you visit gives you a fun unique perspective. Snorkelling was absolutely awe inspiring, the stunning variety of colours in fish, sea cucumber, sea slugs and coral we saw in Thailand would leave you speechless and raring to go further (PADI license here we come).  Basically what I’m saying is make the most of the landscape around you! If you’ve got mountains, hike, abseil, rock climb! If you’ve got a lake, go swimming, go sailing, enjoy the fresh breeze gliding over the water! If you’ve got cobbled streets, walk, dance, skip, strike a pose! If you’ve got hills go walking, roll down them, be silly, be a child, but mostly just enjoy it!

What is better than making the best of your surroundings and make the most of being wherever you find yourself!


2 thoughts on “Keeping active on holiday

  1. Great post! It’s always tricky to stay fit and healthy on holiday despite the best of intentions! And who wants to be strict and boring on your hols! But I totally agree with those tips. I’m a real one for walking and exploring. I can walk around new places all day and I always feel that at least goes a small way to counteracting all of the extra treats I’m probably allowing myself! I agree that yoga is really great too.
    Louise x

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