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A mini guide to Skagen

The northern most tip of Denmark, where the crazy, untamable North Sea (Skaggerak) meets the still, calm Baltic (Kattegat), is where you’ll find Skagen, a beautiful destination, popular with Scandinavian holiday makers.

You can certainly see why people turn up in hoards during the Summer moths, with stunning sunsets, beautiful coastline and deliciously fresh seafood, what more could you want?!

Let me summarise the gloriousness that is Skagen for you.

What to see/do

Art Galleries

Skagen, originally a fisherman’s village became popular with artists (later known as the Skagen painters) in the late 19th Century, so as you can imagine the art galleries are filled to the brim with beautiful seascapes, fisherman reeling in their catch of the day and idyllic sunsets – we’ll get back to those later!

Skagens Museum is a must visit, and where I first learnt to appreciate art and not drag my feet through, as I did on school trips. It’s mainly impressionist style and giving an insight into Skagen life. Once you’ve had your fill of art, follow your nose to the garden cafe with a delicious selection of cakes and teas to enjoy amongst sculptures in the garden.

Ancher’s house is the house where two of the most famous of the Skagen painters lived and worked, their old house is scattered with paintings and another delightful bakery to sit and enjoy their beautiful garden, depicted in many of their paintings.

Drachmann’s house is also open to the public, more known for his writing, but again the house is filled with his drawings and paintings.

Sand church

St. Lawrence’s church was built in dedication to St. Lawrence of Rome. Built in the 14th Century, it was the tallest church of it’s time, but the nearby sand dunes had other plans and began to bury the church in 1600’s, leading to the congregation having to dig out the entrance in order to attend each service, however the church was not officially closed until 1795.
Although there is no way of entering the church it draws people to this natural phenomenon and explore the rolling sand dunes that have been used for desert in countless films!

Sand ormen

Keeping on the theme of sand, boarding Sand ormen, translated as the sand worm, a bright tractor and trailer to take you up to the northern most tip of Skagen (and the whole of mainland Denmark) and marvel at the baltic and north sea clashing, creating a line straight out where the battle commences infinitley.

If you’re feeling like a refreshing dip in why not put a foot in both seas at once, not matter the time of year it will have a chill to it!


On your way back from Grenen (the peninsula) back towards town stop off at the lighthouse to get views for miles around, a good workout up the winding stairs and insight into Skagens navel history.


Heading over to the West you’ll find Old Skagen a pebble beach and THE BEST place to watch the sunset,people gather from all the surrounding areas in summer to watch the sun sinks into the sea, leaving the sky awash with colours before darkness settles in.

Top tip: grab the creamiest ice creams or a toasty hot chocolate (weather dependent) from the kiosk along the shore.

Where to Eat

Anywhere on the Pier, it’s all fantastic, the two places that we loved were Aavangs Fiskehus & Wittco fisk og skaldyr, but they all serve simple and beautifully prepared, freshly caught seafood. This is the place where I fell for muscles, fresh from the sea, white wine sauce good bread. What can be better than that?


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