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Lussmans, Hitchin

This was a date night with a difference. No don’t get excited and off to buy a new hat. Lussmans is a restaurant with four branches across Hertfordshire.

We visited the Hitchin branch for dinner and it is the epitome of an ideal restaurant. The fish? Sustainably caught. The meat? Sourced locally and all high welfare. The veg? All sourced locally and delivered in recyclable packaging. Seriously, just check out all the ways they promote local ingredients, sustainability and being down right good eggs here. Now with all this you’d imagine them a tad bit “higher than thou”, but they are utter babes, welcoming and friendly, plus you can get 2 courses for £12.95 before 7pm!

Then you get to the menu and yet another reason to do a little fist pump. Obviously it’s all seasonal, but it’s all glorious flavour packed, punchy and exciting.

I went for the cod cheek for starters that came out sizzling, zingy with limb and a hit of chilli.

Patrick’s starter was fresh battered sprats, a sharp lemony herby sauce worked perfectly with the salty crisp fish.

Mains again a delight, I went for cod again, this time loin with a cabbage purree. I seriously think cabbage is an overlooked vegetable, as it’s often not given the chance to shine in cooking, of course here that was not the case. Brown shrimp brought the flavour of the sea to the forefront and the coriander and tomato cut through with a well needed freshness.

Patrick decided to go with the pork schnitzel on linguine, which I would have never have put together, but went down a right treat.

Somehow we found a little room for our dessert and went for the creme brulee and a seasonal fruit crumble, which was apple. Again faultless. The desserts had their little twists, the brulee being lightly spiked with Grand marnier and the crumble having a hint of rosemary and a clotted cream ice-cream.

The wine menu is also worth writing home about, with great variety, nothing to break the bank, but well thought-out quality.

All round a great experience.


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