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The Gardner’s Cottage, Edinburgh

Every trip we take, we like to have one “fancy meal” something we splash out a little more than we normally would, in the thought that we are there already and holidays are about treating yourself to something a little special, plus when we holiday, we walk… a lot, so I think we deserve it.

On our trip to Edinburgh, we choose the Gardner’s cottage as that fancy meal. You may, or may not have seen I tweeted about this little beaut after our visit.They offer a 6 course tasting menu, which changes daily, all sourced locally and so the menu is beautifully seasonal. If you have any dietary requirements the earlier you tell them the better, but there is no choice in the menu, so bear that in mind.

We arrived on a chilly February evening, to the cosy dining area, you sit along long tables, shoulder to shoulder with other diners, but this isn’t anything to worry about, you soon forget your surroundings as the food appears and if your other half pops to the loo, its perfect for nosey people like me.

Our first course was a mushroom broth, which was rich, dark and deliciously savoury, the perfect earthy mushroom taste, that warms your insides, a mini potato crumpet topped with crumbed salami, alongside sourdough and a chilli yoghurt. I would have never thought about dipping thick, crusty bread into yoghurt, but it works and certainly will make an appearance on my own dinner table now!

Next a vegetarian take on a steak tartar, with a beetroot tartar, a hazelnut yolk and accompanied by apple, Swede, sea beetroot and wild garlic.

Sea trout


Palette cleanser of apple sorbet on a celeriac cream and a gingerbread crumb. Who knew celeriac would work with sweet flavours, but it does and paves the way for your taste buds to be acquainted with the cheese.

If you don’t like cheese, my condolences, my life is made all the better by the presence of cheese, and this was no exception. A creamy blue, a soft goats and a hard goats cheese, all relatively mild in flavour, with shards of oatcakes to spread them apon and lashings of beetroot chutney, that cut through that creamy texture like a hot knife through butter. Perfectly accompanied by a 30 year old port.

The dessert was a personal fave of mine and Patrick’s, carrot cake. You can never go wrong with the soothing spices of a carrot cake. Here they’d deconstructed it and made it pretty, but still with those warm full bodied flavours that we know and love.

Coffee and petit fours to finish and ready us for the walk back through Edinburgh.

The Gardener's Cottage Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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