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Los Reyes, Hitchin

Oh hey date night, where back at it again!

When I got a text from Patrick, just after 4pm on a Thursday asking if I’d like to go to dinner, there was only one answer, YES!

So we popped down to Los Reyes, a super cosy little tapas bar, hidden away down Bucklersbury off of Hitchin Market square.

You know you’re going to get on just fine, when they host your favourite kind of sport, those involving food… But also, they are super friendly and helpful, as we didn’t know how much to order, the recommendation of 3 dishes each is more than enough.

Each come as their cooked so they just about fit on the table before getting whisked away and replaced.

We started with some bread and a garlic and almond dip, which I’m definitely going to have to try and make at home. So so yum! We quickly devoured this as we poured over the menu trying to whittle down our choices to the final six.

So we went for:

Padron peppers, a personal favourite, salty, slightly sweet and just ridiculously moreish. They say it’s like Russian roulette with 1/10 being a hot one, but I can’t remember having a hot one ever, so I’m not sure how much truth is behind that…

Wafer thin imberico ham, which I know is ridonkulously difficult to cut that thin! And gosh, just melts as soon as it reaches your mouth.
The squid is a great choice here with a delicious aioli.

And the crochettas are crisp pillows of delight, which were off the specials menu and we’re stuffed with leeks.

Some pretty fiery potatas bravas.

Pork cheek with a butter bean mash. Never underestimate the butter bean, so good and a great alternative to potato mash, definitely going to be trying that one at home.

We washed it down with a Sirah/Shiraz and called it a night over a cafe bonbon – espresso atop condensed milk, certainly not for the fainthearted, as it is rather sweet, but I could drink condensed milk by the gallon, so it went down a treat.

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3 thoughts on “Los Reyes, Hitchin

  1. Hey Bonnie. So pleased you enjoyed your night with us at Los Reyes and thank you for the lovely tasting notes on the food. If you need any recipes please give us a call and I’ll get them over to you. Hope to see you again. Damian @ Los Reyes

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