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Karma Cola Burger at Honest Burger

Last weekend Patrick and I headed down to Honest Burger* to try their karma cola burgers.

Slow cooked in karma cola, pulled beef stacked on smoked applewood cheddar, green chilli coleslaw, a medium rare beef patty alongside their signature rosemary fries.

The bun isn’t brioche, which instantly gets points with Patrick and the flavours seep into each other, making for a gorgeous, if inelegant, eating experience.

Honest burger are known to have a few collaborations since opening in 2011, with the likes of brewdog under their belt and Anna Mae’s mac n cheese on it’s way. But this one makes a difference.

Karma cola do some amazing work and have strong ethics on sustainability, fair-trade and responsible consumerism. Which I for one am all for, we are all in charge of our own spending habits and if this can make a positive impact whilst still getting that sugar fix, I’m all for it. £1 of each karma burger sold goes to the karma cola foundation, supporting communities in Sierra Leone, check out their website to see how much they’ve earnt from the collaboration so far and think what a difference that could make!

Aside from cola, karma cola have a range of different fizzy drinks, in fact I tried their lemonade at Cafe in the park and it tastes like liquid lemon sherbet, sweet, sharp and zingy, just like a good lemonade should!

*I won a Mr Hyde competition, so all food was complimentary and the babes at Honest through in the drinks too! Still all views are my own, as I’ve visited before, I wouldn’t go back unless I liked it!


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