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Pork Farms Board Games Championships

Last weekend I got invited* down to have a go at some board games, of which I am notoriously dreadful, and gobble up some pork pies in celebration on #nationalboardgamesweek by Pork Farms. No prizes for what I was looking most forward to.

Pork Farms have been established since the 1940’s, producing park and crispy pastry encasing succulent 100% British pork meat. Something I’m always careful of when buying meat is that it’s British, as the welfare standards here are rather high in comparison to many neighbouring countries, plus being a Farmer’s daughter it’s been drilled into be that we support the British Farmers, so win, win!

I arrived and instantly was at ease the team organising it were welcoming and friendly and the other bloggers were hilarious! I’d met Chynna before at the Every Hotel event, and was introduced to Alice, Claire, Lea, Vi vian and Laura, who had me in hysterics pretty soon after meeting and got right to Trivial Pursuit 2000, where we genuinely learnt some fun new facts! My favourite fact:

Then onto Monopoly, my worst game, I love it, but my tactics consist of no tactics. This followed by boggle, a game where you get letters to make words of whatever letters can be joined, I always jumble up letters, so first round went dreadfully, but got the knack, still not my best.

Jenga, always hilarious and if you saw my instagram stories, heavily featured, we got to some pretty impressive structures, balancing on single blocks.

My personal favourite was Taboo, think articulate, without the board and a squeaker if the opposing team use a ‘taboo’ word. Fantastic, great fun and suitably ridiculous in descriptions.

This all went on whilst guzzling down pork pies, good pastry, nice meat to jelly ratio – for me, that’s minimal jelly. But the real winners for me were the Branston pickle topped pies, giving that juiciness needed in the plain ones. Yes, I probably could top them with pickle myself. But yum and everybody loves a bit of convenience food.

All round it was a great day, reminding us all that even though we were snapping away we weren’t nearly as attached to our phones as we usually were.

The winners got announced, of course I had no hope of winning, the lovely Laura however did and  was killing it on the board games, so well done Laura!!! Hopefully I’ll see these ladies again soon.

For those of you interested, the semi final and grand final will be held at BeerheadZ Grantham, Saturday 13th May. They will be taking on Monopoly, Jenga, Boggle, Taboo and Trivial Pursuit 2000s, just like we did.

In the meantime, I’m going to stock up on some Branston topped pork pies!

*I was a guest of Pork farms for this event, but as usual all thoughts, puns and dreadful board gamings are my own.


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