Instant whites

I’m first to admit I drink a lot of coffee, a lot of tea and hey red wine is frequent visitor on a Friday night. The problem is I have a real thing for perfect teeth – if there even is such a thing. But I’m in that catch 22 of still wanting to live a life full of coffee, tea and my bae red wine.

I know my teeth aren’t in bad nick, they are straight enough and I don’t have anything horrifically wrong with them, but they aren’t quite as white as I’d like them to be. Having said that I don’t want to pay through the nose to get them whitened and I’ve heard some right horror stories about those treatments making your teeth super sensitive – ain’t nobody got time to eat gelatin slowly?!

So when I heard about instant white, that doesn’t use peroxide, essentially a gentle way to whiten teeth, I was like hell yes I’d like to try them!

So this was my teeth before. Not too yellow, but not quite bright white.

And this is after 7 days.

My first thoughts when I used it were it’s a little cold, not uncomforably so, just like if you’ve got fresh juice from the fridge and it’s first thing in the morning.

But what you really want to know is will it be some ridiculous method of rubbing in an anticlockwise motion, facing exact coordinates of the sun and so on… yeah luckily it’s not that confusing.

The swabs were super easy to use and you can reach right to your molars if you so desire. The swabs are also super soft and don’t snag on your teeth or give that creepy grippy feel. Plus, I love the mint after taste as well, it’s not chemically like other whiteners, just like you’ve used mouthwash.

I can’t say I noticed an immediate difference after the first use. But after 7 days overall my teeth were whiter, however I’m not sure it made a huge difference in evening out the colour, even though I focused it on my canines. But, having said that I have felt no sensitivity, it seems to be a good quick way to brighten a smile, but not necessarily great if you’re looking for a miracle, but then again, is anything going to guarantee that?!

* Instant whites gifted this to me in return for a review,
as usual all thoughts are my own


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