Review | Charming Candles

Everyone knows I’ve got a bit of a candle collection, but let me introduce you to the new kid on the block.

This fresh linen candle is from the lovely folk at the charming candle company*.

Burns cleanly and smells divine!

Plus it’s soy wax, so non-toxic to animals and great for storing things once it’s burnt down… but this one takes a little while (60+ hours).

The fun is, they come with a piece of jewellery hidden in the candle. So perfect for a little gift and if you’re thinking of that you can get a gist card to go with it. Worry not, it won’t take 60 hours to get your hands on the jewellery.

I lit the candle and across a few nights and approximately 10 hours of burning the lovely light floral scent, I got to the little foil parcel. Unwrapping it carefully I unveiled a beautiful little silver bracelet charm.

There are lots of candles to choose from including pink champagne, lavender spa (I have my eye on this one), vanilla, paradise beach and pina colada. At £35 it’s a little pricey for a candle, but when you consider you’re getting a beautiful piece of silver jewellery included in that price, you can’t really grumble.

* I was gifted this product from The Charming Candle company,
but as always all opinions are my own


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