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Tost, Pop up

Do you ever have a lunch so good, that you think, damn I could eat that each and everyday and not get bored?

Well it happened with this dreamy little number from Tost it’s called the sultan. It’s bold in flavour, comforting and ever so filling. Trust me you will not need any snacks before dinner with this one! Also the homemade chilli sauce is devilishly hot and ridiculously moreish!!!

So let’s take a step back, Tost is a grand little pop up that you’ll find at hampstead market on Saturday’s, it used to be at Soho’s street food union, but alas, is no longer. They do a range of toasties with delicious Turkish twists. They started with klasik and vegi, since introducing the sultan and vegan.

But what constitutes a sultan you ask? It’s a delicious combination of Stilton, apricot jam and a Turkish prosciutto. Perfectly balanced flavours, topped off with dipping it in their home made fiery chilli sauce, it’s a real treat.

Now if we could have a spike in the temperature that would be grand!

Have you tried Tost? What’s your flavour?


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