30 under 30

Not that long ago a friend of mine floated an idea past me and I just can’t seem to shake it and I thought you may want a slice of the action.

The idea you ask? 30 under 30, no, no I’m not going to become a billionaire and be listed on Forbes, but I won’t be adverse to the idea. It’s 30 countries under the age of 30.

Now Patrick and I have been lucky and both traveled to 19 countries each, most of which overlap.

The plan thus is to strike off those additional 11 before we hit 30!

Once this has gone live I would have already revealed the secret and taken Patrick on a surprise trip to Finland to tick it off for him (although we are both keen to explore more).

What would be your top countries to visit? Are you trying to reach a travel milestone?


2 thoughts on “30 under 30

  1. Great idea. I definitely didn’t achieve this although I’m sure inter-railing did help. But my travelling has certainly gone downwards since having children although I did add one new destination last year

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