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Oxford Blue, Old Windsor

So I think I’ve found the food niche that is my bae (well honestly it’s all food, but humour me for a minute), I’m not a luxury blogger by a long way, I am willing to try food from all walks, the more authentic the better in most cases, but I won’t say no to the finer things in life by any means. What I really love when it comes to food is when the core ingredients sing and are celebrated as such! Have you ever had a meal, where you are blown away by the flavours of the pure ingredients?

Well Oxford blue ticks that box, as well you giving a good ol’ nod to the finer things in life without out any pretentious airs and graces, real talk, friendly service, happy to answer any question. Yes, they have some crazy things on the menu, but they don’t make you feel like a moron when you innocently ask what they might actually be!

Well let me take your coat, sit down, grab a cuppa, something delicious, because I know I can’t get through a foodie post without something to nibble on.

We started by deciding upon the most important, the wine. We chose a shiraz/reisling, that was far too easy to drink. You know how those wine people say (NB I love playing this game with wine, so probably could almost be one of ‘those’ wine people) red wines taste of red fruits, blah blah blah, well this tasted of sweet blackberry juice. Sweet, deep flavours that were far too easy to sink.

Now, this part I love about ‘fancy’ restaurants, you get a little summin’ summin’ whilst you’re making your mind up. This time, venison bonbons, with a sharp mustard sauce to cut right through the rich gamey flavour.  Plus, all the game on the menu is from Windsor great park. However, because someone was too distracted by the delicious bonbons *read me, sorry* I didn’t get a picture!

Three of us had the pig trotters for starter and Patrick had the scallops.

This may sound weird thing to say, but I really like scallops with celery,  they just seem to be a perfect match and not together enough. Take note peeps!

The pigs trotter, fear not, there were no tootsies to be seen. Just a delicious roll of meat on slices of apple, so crisp, thin, sweet and sharp. This is what I mean about flavours again. These apples were unreal! The quails egg atop a mini black pudding was so good. But the crackling was just grand, perfectly crunchy and salty, against those sweet flavours.

I went full on carnivore, with my next course being fillet of beef, with bone marrow and a horseradish hollandaise. Now this was revolutionary guys, the horseradish hollandaise has to become part of those gloriously basic millenial brunches like yesterday, shredded beef and an egg would just be divine! But yet again, I digress… The gravy perfectly beefy and the chips are fabulous addition to mop up your plate with. Whilst the onion, although not a necessity, I did rather enjoy the caramelised sweetness.

Patrick had the rabbit suet pudding, balanced on wilted greens. Pure comfort food. Rich gamey flavour galore! The suet pudding is the perfect winter pie case, filling your belly with warmth. The rabbit inside just melted in your mouth, doubling up on those warm, rich, filling flavours that the winter months yearn for!

The Cornish cod was the choice of mum and my brother. I love when there are sea veg, like samphire. Food that grows together, goes together!

If you think we had room for desert you’d be wrong. The cheeseboard did catch our eye and we had a talk through them, all British, all unique, many soaked in one alcohol or another. Rather fascinating and I almost wish I had a pen and paper at the table, as the level of detail made you forget the first by the time you got to the last.

What we did have room for though was the sea salted caramel chocolate, that came with it’s own hammer, for easy sharing, or perhaps fending off the competition… perhaps that’s the wine talking, best busy off home then shall we?

The Oxford Blue,


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