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The restaurant awards you really should know about

We’ve all heard of Michelin stars, the good food guide and the like for fancy restaurants. But, ever since we visited Scran & Scallie up in Edinburgh I’ve been harping on about one I’d never heard about until that point. And it was the Michelin guide Bib Gourmand.

The Bib Gourmand, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017, even more reason I was shocked when I’d never heard of it and most people I have spoken to about it still have blank faces. That’s why I thought I’d take this opportunity to draw your attention to the award which rewards good quality, good value cooking. This is a great way to find amazing restaurants offering three courses for under £28! What an absolute bargain!

This all got me thinking, there must be more to restaurant awards we know and love, the lovely local awards, there must be more in that vast inbetween. Spoiler, there is and I’ve hand picked I think you should get to know.

Causal dining awards

Does what it says in the tin sort of award. The full name the casual dining restaurant and pub awards celebrates all things wonderful about a proper meal without all the airs and graces!

The monocle

This ones for “the hearty, the honest and the interesting restaurants” awarding the humble neighborhood restaurants, the unsung heroes that you may not know exist!

The best bit, they hark from all over the world, so after somewhere with great authentic food when off on your travels? Look no further…

The food made good awards

An award set up by the sustainable restaurant association (SRA) to recognise food establishments pledging and actioning sustainable initiatives. This runs from Michelin star through to local take aways, all can be members and any can be entered for their efforts to help save our planet, which I think is fantastic.

Last year many of the SRA members held candlelit dinners in aid of WWF’s world earth day, not only does that sound devilishly romantic, but what a clever way to get in extra custom, do your bit to save the planet and eat delicious food? It’s a win win in my book!

Have you heard of any other cool and quirky foodie awards that need more recognition?


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