Living lagom

We have all heard of hygge and fallen head over heals for lykke, but what about lagom?

Lagom means “just right” and it’s something that I’ve been trying to do for some time now.

It’s funny really, if you are of Nordic decent, to hear these words you’ve heard for so long become a craze. I get it, I really do, in the winters of course we want to be all cosy, cwtch and make the best of the long winter nights perfectly encompassed by hygge. Then lykke exploring happiness and how this is achieved the world over.

But lagom is a little different, yes they’ve written books about it too and IKEA even did a whole campaign on it, which is well worth a read. So why have I chosen lagom?

Well it’s all about balance. It’s about using what you need to get by and making more conscious decisions (which I may not have harped on about enough here and here).

It’s about the Goldilocks mentality, not too much, not too little, just right. Thus, this should be more than just a trend or a moment, like hygge (which I am fully behind, my weekends are all about the hygge vibes) but a lifestyle. It’s finding your work/life balance, it’s about making life healthier, frugal and reducing waste and overall more enjoyable.

You know that rumour that goes round about successful people only having x number of clothes/outfit choices? Well that seems lagom, making fewer choices, making life easier for ourselves. It is less about acquiring and more about doing, going outdoors, being active and enjoying what is already there, exploring more and enjoying the environment you are in. In a time where we are all looking for the next big thing, the time where bigger is better and more is certainly more! It is the perfect time to incorporate lagom, all about the experience and accepting that this is good enough, less about aspiration and accepting where we are is absolutely fine, enjoying and making the most of what we have.

Lagom can be incorporated into so many aspects of our lives from decor, design, clothes, travel and just enjoying that day to day, giving that scandi cool of balance in art and life.

What’s your lagom?

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All photos and ridiculous ramblings are my own as always.


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