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The Gardner’s Cottage, Edinburgh

Every trip we take, we like to have one “fancy meal” something we splash out a little more than we normally would, in the thought that we are there already and holidays are about treating yourself to something a little special, plus when we holiday, we walk… a lot, so I think we deserve it.… Continue reading The Gardner’s Cottage, Edinburgh

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A mini guide to Skagen

The northern most tip of Denmark, where the crazy, untamable North Sea (Skaggerak) meets the still, calm Baltic (Kattegat), is where you’ll find Skagen, a beautiful destination, popular with Scandinavian holiday makers. You can certainly see why people turn up in hoards during the Summer moths, with stunning sunsets, beautiful coastline and deliciously fresh seafood,… Continue reading A mini guide to Skagen

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Au Cheval, Chicago

Chicago, a buzzing city, arriving alone, a little bleary eyed and – being a worry wart in all big cities – clinging to any personal possessions for dear life. Last Summer Patrick and I – well, Patrick a few days later, hence the initial alone part – travelled to Chicago for a wedding, as well… Continue reading Au Cheval, Chicago