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Bar boulud, Knightsbridge

Firstly did you know it’s pronounced bar boolie? Me neither until I rang to book Patrick and myself in for a Monday dinner. I’d won a competition with Squaremeals for a three course meal, fizz and sommelier chosen wines! If that isn’t the way to perk up a Monday, I don’t know what would?! The… Continue reading Bar boulud, Knightsbridge

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A mini guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, home to Mary Queen of Scots, still hosting a royal residence and flagged by beautiful rugged Scottish landscape. The waters of firth of forth to the north and Arthur’s seat to the East to name the most notable, but within this densly packed, compact capital, there is lots to see,… Continue reading A mini guide to Edinburgh

Eateries · Eating Out · Food · London

Senor Ceviche, Kingly Court

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I love tapas. But, this isn’t a Spanish tapas bar like I’ve tried before. This is Peruvian, and as the name suggests, they specialise in ceviche, a Peruvian method of curing fish in tigers milk – fear not, it’s a mix of lime, spices and onions. We… Continue reading Senor Ceviche, Kingly Court