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The Joint, London

Friday’s most recent date night was to the new branch of the Joint in Marylebone. It’s one of the few new openings which actually takes bookings (the Brixton branch does not).
Set across two floors the top floor being more of a bar area, with a few tables where they can fit you in to eat, whilst downstairs is the dining area with a few tall tables with bar stools strewn across it. A slight poor use of space there, but at least you can’t complain about being overcrowded.

The waiters are attentive and quick to come with menus and cucumber infused water – nice touch.

We were at the tale end of happy hour so quickly got a round of white sangrias before pondering over the menu.

After a bit of dithering, ooo-ing and aaa-ing we’d made our decisions, Opting for BBQ pulled pork in a bun and the Beef with sides of double cheese and bacon fries and BBQ riblets (don’t worry the vegetarian options look mouth wateringly delicious too!).

The meats melted away in your mouth, the coleslaw gave a delicious crunch and the bun of the pulled pork was lightly spiced with saffron.

The cheesy chips are still crisp, properly cooked and not a microwaved soggy mess that seems to be a trend around recent restaurants around London. We were subject to the fries special, which meant a pile of fries smothered in two types of cheese and sprinkled with bacon lardons.

Come on that’s just begging for a close up of the molten cheese deliciousness.

BBQ riblets came in a hand tied wax paper package, like a gift waiting to be unwrapped and devoured.

The Joint prides itself on all its produce being free range and of course it’s fast food BBQ recipes, the brain child of chef, baker duo Warren Daniel and Daniel Fiteni.

So the biggest decision here is to choose between Brixton and Marylebone, as what ever you go for on the menu is sure to be a winner.

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